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Who We Are

Augmental is a Goldspace® company developing multi-dimensional Navigation Tools, Operating Systems, and Experience Networks centered in Virtual and Augmented Reality. We are based in Los Angeles, CA, and our professional practice and backgrounds span from Architecture, Spatial Design, Experience Programming, Computer Science, and Fabrication in the built environment. We develop in the Virtual and Augmented space with a focus on aesthetic delight, context aware procedures, and seamless integrations to enlighten and enliven digital expression and interactivity as a way to enhance humanity.

// Excellence in Mixed Reality . Based in Los Angeles. \\

Crafting the Next Level Since 2009

We are a one stop shop for building augmented reality / mixed reality and immersive experiences. We bridge the intangible to the tactile, the virtual to the real, the impossible to the actual. Augmental provides the necessary infastructure and utilities to bring your business and channels into a seamless Mixed Reality experience for your customers and users. We provide the tolls you need to create customized and scaleable Mixed Reality experiences.

Room Scale Virtual Reality Development
Hololens Development
Mixed Reality Architecure